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Days Calculator or counter allows you to find the total number of days between two dates.

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About Days Calculator

Days calculator is a free online tool where you can count how many days are in between two dates. All you need to do is to enter the dates in the form which are highlighted as Start Date and End Date respectively. Also, here you would need to enter the date in "MM/DD/YYYY" format. As a result, you will instantly get the total number of days between the given two dates. Also, it gives total months, weeks, hours, minutes, and even seconds as an output.

Days Calculator or Counter | Days Between two Dates

Gone are the days when we used to follow the old school techniques with pen and paper. Thanks to the digital era, things have become pretty easy nowadays. People have changed their perspective of looking at things. Digitalization has benefited humans in a great way whether it is a computer or various online tools. Nowadays you would find tons of online or offline tools for almost every activity. We never thought that there would be a dedicated tool to calculate the total number of days between two dates. Here we are talking about the Days Calculator. It is also known as the date to date calculator or day counter. It is generally used to find the time duration between two dates.

In this article, you will get detailed information on how does the tool work, why use it, and how to use it. Let's talk in detail!

How does the Days Calculator Work?

Now you do not need to take out the calendar and count the days manually. With the help of the Days calculator, you can get your job done easily. It is as easy as using any of the basic online tools. You would need to simply enter the two different dates in the given fields and click on "Calculate". As a result, you will get the count of the total number of days between those dates. Here you will also get the data in terms of the total number of months, weeks, hours, minutes, and seconds.

How do calculate the days between two different dates?

Day counter comes in handy if you are working on any complicated projects that require you to give the total estimate time. Let's discuss it with an example.


Suppose you get an urgent project to work on from your office. Let's assume that today is 15th August. Your company is expecting to get the project completed by 28th October. But the boss does not want to play around with last minutes messes or errors. Hence, the boss asked you to share the presentation of the project at least 14 days before the project submission date.

Now you will be wondering how many days do you have to complete the project. So, here you will need to first calculate the total number of days between 15th August and 28th October. Let's calculate it manually.

  • There is a total of 31 days in August, 30 days in September, and 31 days in October.
  • The project starts on 15th August.
  • So, you have 31 - 15 = 16 days of August.
  • Also, you have September full month. So, you will get 30 days of September.
  • Lastly, the project completion date is 28th October. Therefore, you have 28 days of October.
  • Total will be: 16 + 30 + 28 = 74 days

As a result, you will get 74 total working days to work on project.

Now you need to subtract the 14 days from the final submission day. Because boss wants 14 days early presentation.

Therefore, 74 - 14 = 60 days

Finally, you will get a total of 60 days. So ideally you will have 60 days to finish your project.

Why use Day Counter?

In today's fast-paced life, we do not have enough time to spend on minute things. Such as calculating days or dates and that's when these tools like Day Counter come in handy. It is beneficial for you in various scenarios to calculate the difference between the two dates. Let's discuss some of them.

  1. You can use it to plan your office work, any of your other routine work, your fitness challenge, and your studies.
  2. It is very useful for students. You can check how many days or weeks remain for the final exam. So, you can schedule your study plans and be prepared for exams.
  3. In addition, you can check how much time remains for your next birthday or wedding anniversary. Even more, you can check how old are you or how much time you have spent on this earth.
  4. If you are planning for retirement then this tool will help you. You can easily determine how much time remains for your retirement.

As you can see, the Days Calculator is used in almost all types of routine or professional work. Also, manual calculation is not possible all the time. You can do it for short date periods but for a long date periods calculation, it becomes complicated. So, use our tool to make it easy, fast, and accurate. Also, it will save your time and effort.

Key Features of Days Calculator

Day counter comes with a lot of features. You might be wondering how a basic online tool can help you.

  • Simple Design: It's the biggest advantage of our tool. We have made the design super simple and easy to understand. Therefore, anyone can easily go through the tool and calculate days between dates.
  • Accurate Results: Our calculator gives 100% accurate output. Because it works on pre-defined algorithms and there is no chance for any mistake. In short, it gives you an exact number of days, years, months, weeks, hours, minutes, and seconds.
  • Include End Date: You can include or exclude the end date from calculation easily.
  • Supports All Devices: Our Day Counter is mobile, iPad, and desktop responsive. So, it works on almost all the small, medium, and large devices.
  • No Installation Required: There is no installation or software required to access the tool. You can simply open it on any web browser and start using it.
  • No Manual Calculation: Now no need to use the calendar or pen-paper to calculate the time duration. Just use this tool and save your time and effort.

How to use Day Counter?

It's very simple to use the Day Counter. Just follow the steps below.

1. Input Start and End Date

Firstly, you need to input the appropriate starting and ending date for which you need to check the time duration. The date format you need to follow is MM/DD/YYYY. For month and day, you can choose the value from the dropdown. But you need to enter the year manually. By default, we have set Today's date as the end date. But you can change it if you want.

Input Start and End Date
2. Include End Date

There is one checkbox given just below the start and end date field. By default it is unchecked. If you want to include the last day of the given date in the calculation then you need to check it. It will add one day in the final output.

Include End Date
3. Calculate

Lastly, you have to hit the "Calculate" button to get the final result. When you click on the button, it will show the output below with days and other large to small-time units respectively. Also, you can use the "Reset" button to start the new calculation.



Yes! it calculates the leap years as well. Hence you will get accurate results.

You can use this Day Counter to count the total number of days or the duration of a particular event if you have the start and end dates available with you. Also, you can calculate your age in terms of years, months, days, or even minutes and seconds.

Yes, it is completely free to use. Also, we don't set a limit for the calculations. So, you can use it as many times as you want.

No, it's an online tool. So, you need an Internet connection and web browser to access it. You can't install or open it offline.